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How to create a Setup package by using Visual Studio .NET?

June 24, 2011 1 comment

Creating installation package for C# application in Visual Studio

Here we are demonstrating how we can deploy a c# windows application for getting installation package. After the deployment we will get a installation setup file that can be installed in any system. For installing this installation package in other system, we should have dotNet framework, windows installer as minimum requirement.

 Simple Steps to create a setup project in windows application with screenshots

We are explaining the way that how to create a setup file for windows applications by step by steps process including screenshots.

  1. Create a setup project, file>>new project >> Setup and Deployment >> Setup Project
  2. View File System of Setup project. Right Click Setup project >> View >> File System
  3. Add primary output of the application into the application folder. Right Click Application Folder >> Add >> Project Output >> Select Primary Output >> OK
  4. Add application exe to the application folder. Right click Application Folder >> Add >> File >> Select Exe from project bin folder >> OK
  5. To show installed files on desktop and program menu, Create shortcut of exe (Right click exe and click create shortcut) and copy the shortcut to User’s Desktop and User’s Programs Menu folders.
  6. Build the setup project in release. Right Click the setup project from solution explorer and select build option. After the build in the setup project folder, there is exe file will be generated inside the release folder. (Your Main Project Folder >> Setup Project Folder >> bin >> Release)
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